Rhythms Of The Wold

By Rod Stradling

  1. The Shameless Glutton
  2. The Sportsman’s
  3. Bonaparte’s Retreat
  4. The Star Above The Garter
  5. Highland Mary
    Old Tom Of Oxford
  6. Valsivien Di Omo
    Masurca Uaciacalpians
    The Boys Of Balisadare
  7. The Caswell Coconut Dance
    Polstead Road
  8. Lewis James’ Quadrille
    La Peronista
  9. The Sweetness Of Mary
  10. Enrico
  11. Rock The Cradle, Joe
    Norton Greens
  12. The Kerry Mills
  13. The Arkansas Schottische
    The Weavers’ March
  14. The Trip We Took Over The Mountains

Three comments

I may cop some stick for posting this as it may be perceived as a ‘morris’album, but the "Blackwater Delta version" of Bonaparte’s Retreat makes up for it.

Rod Stradling: Accordions
Phil Bird: Electric Guitar
Steve Crickett: Drums
John Eastaugh: Electric Bass
Tony Engle : C Melody Saxaphone
Alan Lamb: Viola d’amore, melodeon, cello, whistle.
Danny Stradling: Percussion

Rogue Records FMSD 5021.

"Morris" album? Not likely! It is more an example of the "English ceilidh" genre, perhaps, but Stradling and crew do some very impressive turns on "Star Above the Garter," "Boys of Ballasidare"(sp?) and especially "Kerry Mills." Oh, and there’s a very tasty version of "The Sportsman’s Hornpipe" — if anyone ever could transcribe that one, I’d be most grateful.

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Note: The "Kerry Mills" Stradling does is different than that given here on the audio file and sheet music.

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