Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure

By McNamara Family

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Leitrim’s Hidden Treasures

One of the best CDs of traditional Irish music I’ve ever come across. 6 members of the McNamara family from Co. Leitrim play a large selection [17 tracks!] of tunes from their local area. 2 sets of pipes, 2 flutes, fiddle and concertina, playing in various combinations, with occasional backing on piano or guitar. Photos and great notes in a 20 page booklet accompany the CD. Anyone looking for new material should own this recording.

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I’ve got this one in my Cd walkman right now!

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Track four lists Green Fields of America as the second tune in the set. However, if you’re looking for a correct ABC of it, the tune is also known as Miss Brady -

X: 1
T: Miss Brady
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Edor
efge fgaf|efge fddf|gfed (3efg fe|1dBAF GEE2:|2dBAF GEED||
"(Variation 1st bar part A)" [E4B4] B3c||

The hornpipe on this album called Logier’s can be found at
under the name Road to the River.

Here is a setting:
X: 1
T: Road To The River
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Amaj
CD|EA, (3A,A,A, EA,FA,|EA, (3A,A,A, A,3c|dcBA GABc|B2 (3B,B,B, B,2 CD|
EA, (3A,A,A, EA,FA,|EA, (3A,A,A, A,3c|dcBA GABc|A2 (3A,A,A, A,2 :|
AB|c2 ec cBdB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dcBA|GABc B2 AB|
c2 ec cBdB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dBAG|A2 (3A,A,A, A,2 AB|
c2 ec cBeB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dcBA|GABc B2 AB|
c2 ac B2 gB|A2 fa AGFE|EBBc dBAG|A2 (3AAA A2 ||
fg|a2 (3A,A,A, A,B,CD|EDCB, A,3g|agfe dcBA|GABc B3g|
agfe dcBA|dcde fgaf|ecBA GABd|1 c2 (3AAA A2 :|2 c2 (3A,A,A, A,2 ||

Re: Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure


I had this CD and it has unfortunately disappeared somewhere. I am keen to get the notes to the last tune on the CD entitled Miss Gunnings and entirely different to the early Miss Gunnings rant.

Could anyone oblige with the ABC ?