Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure

By McNamara Family

Added by Kenny .

  1. The Holly Bush
    Leitrim’s Greig’s Pipes
    The Cornhill
    The Old Dudeen
  2. The Barony
    The Leitrim Quickstep
    Moll Roe
  3. Old Man Quinn
    The Shaskeen
  4. Miss Dunbarr
    The Green Fields Of America
    The Reel Of Tully
    The Musical Priest
  5. Síle ní Ghadhra
  6. Tandragee
    The Mouse In The Cupboard
    Larry The Beer Drinker
  7. The Bold Soldier Boy
    Miss Gunning’s Rant
  8. Michael Creamer’s
    The Humours Of Tooma
  9. Morgan’s
  10. The Tramp’s
    Cut The Sod
  11. The Unfortunate Rake
    The Humours Of Ballingarry
  12. The Low Level
  13. Greig’s Pipes
    The London Lasses
    The Nine Points Of Knavery
  14. The Humours Of Glynn
    Grier’s #249
  15. Grier’s #16
    Chief O’Neill’s Visit
  16. O’Connell’s
    The Mountain Lark
    The Cloone
    Bernie McKiernan’s Dream
  17. Miss Simple’s
    The Humours Of Bolton Street
    Bring Her To The Shelter
    Miss Gunning’s

Seven comments

Leitrim’s Hidden Treasures

One of the best CDs of traditional Irish music I’ve ever come across. 6 members of the McNamara family from Co. Leitrim play a large selection [17 tracks!] of tunes from their local area. 2 sets of pipes, 2 flutes, fiddle and concertina, playing in various combinations, with occasional backing on piano or guitar. Photos and great notes in a 20 page booklet accompany the CD. Anyone looking for new material should own this recording.

I’ve got this one in my Cd walkman right now!

Track four lists Green Fields of America as the second tune in the set. However, if you’re looking for a correct ABC of it, the tune is also known as Miss Brady -

X: 1
T: Miss Brady
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Edor
efge fgaf|efge fddf|gfed (3efg fe|1dBAF GEE2:|2dBAF GEED||
“(Variation 1st bar part A)” [E4B4] B3c||

The hornpipe on this album called Logier’s can be found at
under the name Road to the River.

Here is a setting:
X: 1
T: Road To The River
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Amaj
CD|EA, (3A,A,A, EA,FA,|EA, (3A,A,A, A,3c|dcBA GABc|B2 (3B,B,B, B,2 CD|
EA, (3A,A,A, EA,FA,|EA, (3A,A,A, A,3c|dcBA GABc|A2 (3A,A,A, A,2 :|
AB|c2 ec cBdB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dcBA|GABc B2 AB|
c2 ec cBdB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dBAG|A2 (3A,A,A, A,2 AB|
c2 ec cBeB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dcBA|GABc B2 AB|
c2 ac B2 gB|A2 fa AGFE|EBBc dBAG|A2 (3AAA A2 ||
fg|a2 (3A,A,A, A,B,CD|EDCB, A,3g|agfe dcBA|GABc B3g|
agfe dcBA|dcde fgaf|ecBA GABd|1 c2 (3AAA A2 :|2 c2 (3A,A,A, A,2 ||

Re: Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure


I had this CD and it has unfortunately disappeared somewhere. I am keen to get the notes to the last tune on the CD entitled Miss Gunnings and entirely different to the early Miss Gunnings rant.

Could anyone oblige with the ABC ?