The Boy In The Gap

By Paddy Taylor

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Paddy Taylor

Possibly one of the first solo flute albums ever produced in Ireland, a fine selection of tunes and great playing from the Limerick master.

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And a great version of "The Tailor’s Twist"

Well spotted…

It’s a mistake on the disc and sleeve either by Paddy Taylor or the record company. There is a jig in O’Neill’s called "Hinchey’s Delight" [ #215 in my copy of "1001" ], and it’s been posted here by "slainte". I wouldn’t add "Hinchey’s" as an alternative title to "The Bride’s" on the basis of the jig being called that on only 1 album. This would mistakenly increase the number of recordings which do include "The Bride’s". Since you’ve pointed the error out here, and provided the correct link, I’d leave it at that. You could of course edit the title of Track 10 , making it "The Bride’s", and the link would be correct, but some people don’t approve of us changing the tune titles on albums, even when they are obviously wrong.
Up to you, "STP", but well spotted.

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Oh well, I wouldn’t change it either; just let it true to the sleeve…