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Up against the buachalawns

does anyone have an idea about what the first tune in this four tune set is?
the second is noel hill’s, the third glass of beer and the fourth sweeneys dream
great drive throughout in pure tradition anyhow

The track comes from “Boil the Breakfast Early” ( The sleeve notes says the tune is called Larry Bedican’s, but I’m not sure if it is related with Larry Redican’s on “Music at Mat Molloy’s.”

yeah id seen that but its not the right tune
maybe i should submit it anyway as larry bedicans although it doesnt seem right
was there ever a larry bedican?

Up Against the Bauchalawns

Up Against the Bauchalawns is a set of 4 tunes on “The Best of the Chieftains” and “Boil the Breakfast Early,” the album from which it was taken. Can anyone tell me what the tunes are in this set? One is Sleepy Maggie, and another, I assume, is Up Against the Bauchalawns itself.

You’ll get a fig for the right answer.

Re: Up Against the Bauchalawns

Nevermind, I just found it:

Larry Bedican’s
Up Against the Buachalawns
Glass of Beer
Sweeney’s Dream

Re: Up Against the Bauchalawns

That first tune in this set has caused me some headaches, though I love the tune. First, it was tricky to learn, and second, it was hard to find names for it. I want to share a little of what I learned about it. First, it has several different names. If anyone has other names for this tune, please speak up, I’d like to know other names for it. I understand that “Larry Bedican’s” is a typo which appears in the liner notes. It’s actually “Redican’s.”
In “Northern Lights.” this tune is given the name of “Reavy’s.” I have also seen it elsewhere as “Johnny McGreevy’s Favorite.”

Here is a link to some external abc for the tune:

If anyone can tell me more about this tune, please speak up!


Best of the Chieftains

Pro bono publici, here is an expanded track list, collected from several contributions in this site.

1. Larry Redican’s /
Up Against the Buachalawns/
Glass of Beer /
Sweeney’s Dream

2. Boil the Breakfast Early /
Scotch Mary /
The Chicago reel

3. Bimis ag ol (jig) /
An Buachaill Dreoite (hornpipe) /
Sean Reid’s Reel (AKA The West Wind)

4. Chuimhne an Phiobaire (air) /
The Repeal of the Union (reel) /
The Duke of Leinster (reel)

5. O’Sullivan’s March /
An Sean Duine (march)

6. Sea Image (a medley including The Rolling Waves)

7. An Speic Seoigheach

8. Athol Brose (Strathspey) /
The Dogs among the Bushes

9. The Job of Journeywork

10. Where Lilies Bloom (polka) /
The Britches Full of Stiches (polka)/
Up and Away (polka) /
Kilfenora Jig (slide) (The Old Favorite)/
Mary Willie’s (The Gleanntan Slide)

11. Toss the feathers /
Ballinasloe Fair /
Caileach an Airgid /
Cuil Aodha slide /
The Pretty Girl

12. The Wind that Shakes the Barley /
The Reel with the Beryle (Burl)

Ballinasloe Fair

Hi, I just found out that the 2nd tuned played in the track Chase Around the WIndmill is actually this tune “The Lilting Banshee”. I don’t know if there were other ways of playing the Ballinasloe Fair, but the version I found here didn’t sound at all like the Chieftain’s recording. If you check the comments on “The Lilting Banshee” you’ll find an even more accurate version of the Chieftain’s way of playing it!