A Thousand Miles

By Filska

  1. Coolies
    Miss Lyall
    Paddy Fahy’s
  2. Tom’s Return
    In The Gun Room
    The Humours Of Barrylaughlin
  3. A Thousand Miles Away
  4. Lay Dee At Dee
    Sleeo Soond Ida Moarnin’
    Robbie Paterson’s
    Da Herrin’
  5. Bethany’s
  6. Sun, Moon And Stars
  7. Gan Ainm
    Gordon The Golfer
    Celtic Steps
  8. The Quarff Lasses
    Beth’s Tune
    The 2nd Of May
    Bobby Crowe Of Balmullo
    Da Sooth End
  9. The West Shores Of Quarff
  10. Repeal The Poll Tax
    Auld Wheel
  11. Da Unst Bridal March

One comment

Filska are a young talented group from Shetland. The band comprises of three girls and one guy, and they are all multi talented and play at least two instruments each. The instrumental tunes are full of style, and the songs are fantastic.
As you can tell, I really like them, and I hope you all will too!