Memories From The Holla

By Peter Carberry, Angelina Carberry And John Blake

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Peter Carberry(accordion), Angelina Carberry (banjo), John Blake (guitar & Keyboards).
guests: Liz Kane (fiddle), Laoise Kelly (harp), & Peter Carberry Snr (pipes).
Great album, i love listening to Angelina’s banjo playing,

Unknown Reel Track 8

The second reel Angelina plays on track 8 is “The Chandelier” by Liz Carrol.

Does anyone know if Liz recorded this reel on any recording?

Unknown Reel Track 8

Liz Carroll recorded “The Chandelier” with John Doyle on “Double Play” (2009), 1st tune on 1st track.

Re: Memories From The Holla

Is Angelina Carberry downtuned a whole step for the tunes with Peter?

Looking for: Sleeve notes for CD ‘Memories From The Holla’ [2005] Re: Memories From The Holla

Looking to buy the 2005 CD ‘Memories From The Holla’ w. Peter Carberry, Angelina Carberry And John Blake specifically to get the sleeve notes.

Buying mp3 download from e.g. Amazon unfortunately doesn’t come with sleevenotes, so alternativley a scan of cover/sleevenotes would be much appreciated.