Sligo Ceili

By Seamus Tansey

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One for serious collectors only

Not one Seamus will want to remember from 1973.Very poor sound quality from Outlet Records,and without doubt the worst consignment of dreadful accompaniment Traditional Music has ever suffered.Two ladies,one on Bodhran and one on 12-string guitar serve up a constant racket in the foreground rather than the background,which would remind you of someone loading a dishwasher in the dark.The Bodhran player reluctantly drops out for the hightlight of the album-the slow air, Port na bPucai.I bought it anyway and Seamus is great as usual ,with a fair bit of box playing from Joe Sheridan.

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There’s a guy in the States with this record up on eBay at the moment with an asking price of $200 !! - £122.83.
Don’t bother - it’s not worth it.

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Re: Sligo Ceili

I’ve added a few links as 2 tracks have "unique" titles - ie, I’m not aware of these tunes being called by these names anywhere else.
Track # 10 is an accordion solo by Joe Sheridan. I’d contend that the more common titles are "The Eel In The Sink", followed by "Molloy’s Favourite".
Track #15 is a flute solo by Tansey playing "Jim Donoghue’s" reel.
It hasn’t been mentioned above, but as I recall, the guitar and bodhran accompaniment was by Bernadette Grehan, and maybe one of her sisters.

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