Up In The Air

By Danu

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Not in my collection yet.

Online sources have conflicting spellings for gCuach and a’ Ghleanna. Also, Geoff Wallis write-up on Irish Music Review says the “liner notes are riddled with typographical errors” such as omitted apostrophes and misspellings.

I can’t vouch for the correctness of the list, but I’m eager to hear this “staggeringly excellent album”.

not really Danu, but solos by members of the group..

Right. I meant to do this before…

Benny McCarthy - The Moving Cloud / Ril Gan Ainm
Tom Doorley - Mooneys Minuet / The Graf Spray / The Long Strand
Donal Clancy - The Stone In The Field / The Walls Of Liscarroll
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Raghads’as Mo Cheaiti
Donnchadh Gough - Taimse Im’Chodiadh
Oisin McAuley - The Jiggedy Jiggedy Highland / Francie Dearg’s Highland / Miss Ramsey’s
Eamonn Doorley - Slip Jig / Jig Gan Ainm
Tom Doorley - The PowerOut / The Dublin Reel
Donal Clancy - Spike Island Lasses / Toss The Feathers
Benny McCarthy - Reel In D / Mary Bergins
Tom Doorley - Kellys Mountain / Liam Archie Reel
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Molly na gCuach Ni Chuilleanain
Oisin McAuley - King Of The Fairies / The New Policeman
Donal Clancy - Sean O Duibhir a Ghleanna
Donnchadh Gough - The Girl From The Big House / Liam O’Flynns
Benny McCarthy - Slip Jig / The Humours of Glendart
Oisin McAuley - Welcome Grom Grainne
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Sean sa Cheo / John Dohertys / The Highland Man Kissed His Granny

This is an excellent album. Not really “by Danu”; more “by members of Danu”. The showcasing of individual talents proves that as well as having the ensemble playing off to a very unique T, the lads and lass are great stylists as well. What do you make of Benny’s version of “The Moving Cloud”? Worth the admission on its own, I reckon!

by the way, track N°13 is not the King of the Fairies..but the king of the Pipers!!!


I gotta get this and the first album then my Danu collection will be complete.

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Now only the first album is left.
I love this album I am listening to it right now. Aidan Benny’s version of “The Moving Cloud” is great I like the track where Muireann plays whistle great version of “Sean Sa Cheo.”

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Thanks to today’s “session mail” from ‘c’, Track 13’s first tune is changed from King of the Fairies (how it appears on the liner notes) to King of the Pipers. I see now that paul95 noted that 3.5 years ago. I’m slow.

Re: Up In The Air

I think the slip jig on track 16 is Paddy oSnap, but I could be wrong.

Re: Up In The Air

I agree Whimbrel. Sounds like Paddy O’Snap’s to me.

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