Trip Over The Mountain

By Watkin Lees

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Fine album. Surprised it’s not already here.

Watkin Lees or Wattie to his pals is based on the West of Scotland (now living on one of islands, I believe). He is a fine Uillean piper and will be well known to those who used to frequent festivals such as Girvan, Newcastleton etc over the years. A thoroughly decent chap too. I’m sure Kenny will know him.

Lots of great, well played tunes here.

Mcdermott’s Reel No 4

I am having troubles with learning this tune, I cannot find it anywhere (the sheetmusic I mean). Does somebody know it with a different name? Cheers!

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Track 11, first reel….

Hi - I haven’t seen Wattie in years, and don’t have his album, but I managed to hear the tune through “iTunes”.
It’s the tune above, which I posted some years ago, although the version I have is slightly different from Watties’, which is more common. If you look at the other “settings” below mine, you’ll probably find something closer to his version.

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I most surely can work with that, thank you very much!

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