Donkey’s Years

By The Roaring Donkey Sessions

  1. Willie Hunter’s
    The Oriental
  2. Hard To Say Goodbye
  3. Letter To Syracuse
  4. The Tarbolton
    The Navvy On The Line
  5. The Greenland Whale Fisheries
  6. Feuilles-oh
    Spacemen Walk This Way On The Moon
  7. Din Tarrant’s
  8. Jim Jones
  9. George Brabazon 2nd Air
    Gan Ainm
  10. The Jail Of Cluan Meala
  11. The Chafpool Post
    Rogha Hayes
  12. From Galway To Graceland
  13. The Bodhran Song
  14. The Queen Of The Fair
    The Tongs By The Fire
  15. Liam O’Rathallaigh
  16. Allende
  17. Armstrong
  18. Rolling In The Ryegrass
    The Glass Of Beer
    Peter Feeney’s Dream
  19. Pleasant And Delightful
  20. I’m A Rover
  21. The Shandon Bells
    The Tar Road To Sligo
    The Frost Is All Over

Two comments

25 years of traditional music in the Roaring Donkey Pub in Cobh, Co Cork.

Available in the pub

I still haven’t picked up a copy of this. Next time I’m back in Cobh, I’ve got to get my hands on it.