Harvest Home

By Filska

  1. The Quarff Lasses
    Lay Dee At Dee
    Miss Spence’s
    Jack Is Yet Alive
    Sail Her Ower Da Raftrees
    Deil Stick Da Minister
  2. The Wee Cooper O’ Fife
    The Jig Of Slurs
    The Hills Of Glenorchy
  3. Planxty Fanny Power
  4. Kevin’s
  5. Hamilton House
    Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong
    Dumfries House
  6. Pauline’s Country
  7. Donald Willie And His Dog
    The Curlew
  8. Largo’s Fairy Dance
    Xmas Day In The Morning
    Waking Up In A Wonderful Wark
  9. Sweet Biddy Daly’s
    Smash The Windows
    The Harmonica
  10. Susan’s Broken Ankle
  11. The Hen’s March O’er The Midden
  12. The Love O’ The Isles
    Bill Black’s Button Box
  13. Drowsy Maggie
  14. Alex Muir
  15. Afton Water
    The Harvest Home
  16. The Deil’s Awa Wi The Excisemen
    Kate Dalrymple
  17. The Fiddler From Santa Barbara
    Laxo Burn
    Joanne Elizabeth Jamieson’s Favourite

One comment

Filska “Harvest Home”

This is the very first album of the well-known group from Shetland, which was released in 1995. The original members were just 3 fiddlers: Bethany Reid (aged 11), Gemma Wilson (aged 12), and Jenna Reid (aged 14).

It’s a lovely, enjoyable recording. Are they still playing such old-fashioned music?