Step This Way

By David Lindquist

Four comments

Step Dancing Tunes & Sets

Great production. A very handy CD; both as a source of tunes for dancers and as a tutorial for musicians. David is well known in San Diego and plays for championship dancers nationwide. The CD is organized for Beginner I, II, Novice/Adult, Open Championship, Preliminary Championship, Prizewinner Open, and Set Dances.

Original Tunes

This CD also includes four original tunes:
Angela’s Folic (Rebecca Lindquist)
Maureen’s Fancy (Rebecca Lindquist)
The Foggy Harbor (Rebecca Lindquist and David Lindquist)
Many Miles from Spancil Hill (Rebecca Lindquist)


The sets are organized and labeled as follows:
Reels (118), Light Jigs (117), Slip Jigs (117), Single Jigs (120), Traditional Treble Jigs (92), Traditional Hornpipes, Reels (116), Reels (113), Slip Jigs (113), Hornpipes (113), Advanced Treble Jigs (73), and Set Dances (various).