No Place Like Home

By Gerry O’Connor

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Gerry o Connor (banjo/fiddle), Brendan O Regan (bouzouki/ mandolin/guitar), Tommy Hayes (bodhran/ percussion), Damien Evans (bass).
Gerry plays: Epiphone recording A 1920 tenor banjo, Gibson TB3 1925, & banjos by Dave Boyle.
Set up by Tom Cussen(Clareen banjos)

I got this cd today and after listening to it a few times, i realise that i prefer this already to his other two cd’s. On time to time and Myriad i think the playing is far too complicated (especially on Myriad). The Their seems to be a bit of bluegrass style to some of the tunes (is this because of the cross picking he uses so much?) but it sounds excellent.

I agree with celtic 1234, this is a definite return to form after Myriad which was rather dull and lacking in feeling IMHO. Some top tunes on this one and you can’t deny that the man is a master.

There are some great variations he squeezes in on the repeats, as well as more triplets than you can shake a stick at.

Further to my earlier comment I will go further and say this is a great record - the more I listen to it the more I like it.


Yep, great album. Bears lots of re-listening well. It’s hard to get emotion out of a tenor banjo, but O’Connor does it consistently on this album.

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Re: No Place Like Home

Own label; 2004.

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