No Place Like Home

By Gerry O’Connor

  1. The Bag Of Spuds
    The Copperplate
  2. Tom Billy’s
  3. Billy In The Lowground
    The Temperance
  4. No Place Like Home
  5. Thomond Bridge
    Cuckoo’s First Call
  6. Iniscealtra
    Town Teine
    Ormond Sound
  7. Colonel Frazer
  8. Banish Misfortune
    The Trip To Killarney
  9. Rory’s
    Conor’s Capers
    O Regan’s No 1
  10. Ruby’s Birthday
  11. Really Green

Five comments

Gerry o Connor (banjo/fiddle), Brendan O Regan (bouzouki/ mandolin/guitar), Tommy Hayes (bodhran/ percussion), Damien Evans (bass).
Gerry plays: Epiphone recording A 1920 tenor banjo, Gibson TB3 1925, & banjos by Dave Boyle.
Set up by Tom Cussen(Clareen banjos)

I got this cd today and after listening to it a few times, i realise that i prefer this already to his other two cd’s. On time to time and Myriad i think the playing is far too complicated (especially on Myriad). The Their seems to be a bit of bluegrass style to some of the tunes (is this because of the cross picking he uses so much?) but it sounds excellent.

I agree with celtic 1234, this is a definite return to form after Myriad which was rather dull and lacking in feeling IMHO. Some top tunes on this one and you can’t deny that the man is a master.

There are some great variations he squeezes in on the repeats, as well as more triplets than you can shake a stick at.

Further to my earlier comment I will go further and say this is a great record - the more I listen to it the more I like it.


Yep, great album. Bears lots of re-listening well. It’s hard to get emotion out of a tenor banjo, but O’Connor does it consistently on this album.

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Re: No Place Like Home

Own label; 2004.

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