Storm The Kettle

By Eamonn Dillon

Three comments

Great piping

Eamonn does a great version of Farewell to Erin on this recording. You can hear some samples at

Eamonn if you ever read this, it was good to see you and the family earlier this year. Good luck in the US of A

Great piping, indeed

When I posted this recording, I failed to mention that Eamonn is a piper - I believe from Belfast - currently living in Florida, in the US. I met Eamonn, his sister Roisin, wife Erin, and Roisin’s husband (John?) when they were playing in East Durham during Catskill Irish Arts Week a few years ago. They are super super nice people, and out-of-this-world musicians.

This recording has some fantastic playing on it, although for my tastes, it sometimes has too many “world music” layers added to the mix. I just listen right thru that stuff and enjoy the playing and admire the players.

Re: Storm The Kettle

Eamonn is in south Florida this weekend and playing at The Field with his sister Roisin, her husband John, and Ade Peever, the trio that are Celtic Bridge. Good food and great music if anyone is in the area.