Long Roads

By Four Men And A Dog

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  1. She’s On My Mind
  2. Planet Ways
    The Shady
  3. Nancy
    O’Farrell’s Welcome To Limerick
  4. Meet Me
  5. The Sally Gardens
    Dinny O’Brien’s
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
    Miss McLeod’s
    The Silver Spear
  6. Joefy Spokes
  7. Long Roads
  8. Poor Fool
    Pat The Budgie
  9. Over The River She Goes
    The Earl’s Chair
  10. Restless
  11. Hold On I’m Comin’
    The Congress

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Long Roads

Released in 1996 and recorded at Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock, NY, there was a long lay-off after this one until the recent ‘Maybe Tonight’. There are only 2 entirely instrumental tracks (Sally and Poor Fool) but many of the songs incorporate traditional tunes as indicated. The CD was unavailable for a while but I think it’s recently re-released or at least available in altered packaging and with - probably - reduced sleeve notes. Their Edinburgh Set of 20 August 2004 included only She’s On My Mind and Nancy (minus An Phis Fhliuch) from Long Roads, I think. Worth getting for The Sally Gardens Set and the rocking version of O’Farrell’s.

Nancy on Four Me & a Dog has nothing to do with the tune Nancy Clough’s

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"The shady" - polka by Gerry O’Connor ?

The track list for the LONG ROADS album submitted by lottiemaus ( und vielen Dank, Schatzi !!) has something called ‘The Shady" with the 2nd track Planet ways.

Is "The Shady" that marvellous E mixolydian polka written by gerry O’Connor. I play the tune but i always wanted to know it’s name.

Thanks a squill