Kiss Me Kate

By Liz Carroll & Tommy Maguire

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  1. The Galway
    Finbar Dwyer’s
  2. Paddy Kelly’s
    Tommy Maguire’s #3
  3. The Controversial
    Tear The Calico
  4. Tommy Maguire’s #1
    Tommy Maguire’s #2
  5. Charlie Mulvihill’s
  6. John Brady’s
    The King Of The Clans
  7. Connie O’Connell’s
    Tommy Maguire’s #4
  8. Jimmy Keane’s
    The Cuckoo
  9. Both Meat And Drink
    The Hidden Ireland
  10. Curly Mike
    Miss Campbell’s
  11. The Fiddler Round The Fairy Tree
    Planxty Toby Peyton
  12. Kiss Me Kate
    Richard Dwyer’s

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Kiss me Kate

This is a phenomenal recording. A marvelous selection tunes by two major musicians. Jim Wallace’s piano accompaniment is pretty tasty enough (though I admit only listening to this recording once so far.)

The CD itself is very short. It’s under 30mins long but would be worth every penny nonetheless.

It is quite a laid back recording. It is well paced.

It was released originally in the 70s but re-issued on CD in the 90s. It was published by Shanachie (34012).

Tune information

Tk. 1: Liz Caroll (who wrote the sleeve notes) says that the first tune was composed by Paddy Fahy, probably an assumption given the name. But it’s not. Infact the tune is Larry Redican’s “Galway Reel.” Finbarr Dwyer’s is his tune which appears (among other Dwyer tunes) on the Angelina Carberry/Martin Quinn album.

Tk. 2: Paddy Kelly’s is a jig. And Liz writes that she heard the tune from a recording of accordion player Paddy Kelly. According to the archive, the accordion player in question is actually Eddie Kelly. The tune sounds like a version of the Richard Dwyer tune “Paddy Reynold’s Dream” but may not be related.

Tk. 7: Connie O’Connell’s is the jig Michael Dwyer’s (related to the Two and Sixpenny Girl).

Tk. 9: Sean Ryan’s is his jig The Hidden Ireland.

Tk. 12: This track is just phenomenal. Kiss me Kate is given a fairly tasty going over but the transition into Richard Dwyer’s (which is his tune The Fox on the Town) is amazing. They picked up Fox on the Town from a whistle player on an Eb tin whistle. Rather than transpose back to the ordinary key, they decided to leave it and take up the challenge. I’ve never heard a set like it before! Truly top-class musicians we have here! It sound like they’re playing it in E, which is difficult enough, but if it’s Eb I’m truly astounded.

Tommy Maguire

There are two box players called Tommy Maguire. This Tommy is from Offaly, and the other was originally from Leitrim and active in London.

I love this recording too. The only complaint is, each track is too short.

Here’s Sean Ryan’s composition “The Hidden Ireland”:

Other Tommy Maguire

I never knew that there were two. What is it with Offaly box players? Do they all have counterparts!! Paddy O’Brien for example!

Agree that it’s a very short recording indeed. Hey slainte, any information on the track 12 key?

iTunes Version

I tried getting this recording off of iTunes… They got it completely wrong. The samples on don’t match up at all, and the iTunes one has lots of songs and commercial arrangements, all the while keeping the track names from the actual “Kiss Me Kate” recording, so all the tunes are wrong. Anyone know what this recording is, or if there’s a download of the correct one? Thanks.

Re: Kiss Me Kate

You’re quite right, Daniel - that’s sounds to me like an album by “Solas” and not “Kiss Me Kate”. You need to inform “iTunes” and get your money back.

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Re: Kiss Me Kate

Wow, thanks Kenny for telling me this. It’s not a bad album in itself but I still wonder why iTunes substituted that album for this one. Will be sure to talk to Apple…

Re: Kiss Me Kate

Also, it turns out that the Spotify version is also the Solas album. I wonder why the mixup… And also I wonder where the real album is…

Re: Kiss Me Kate

Looks like this is still an issue on the streaming platforms. Great Solas album! But not the the record I’ve been looking for.