A Clare Conscience

By Aidan McMahon, Anthony Quigney, Donncha Moynihan, Ronan Moloney

  1. Callahan’s
    The Eel In The Sink
    Love At The Ending
  2. Trip To Athlone
    Liz Carroll’s
  3. Caislean An Oir
    The Humours Of Scarrif
    Over The Moor To Maggie
  4. The Belharbour
    The Torn Jacket
    The Raveled Hank Of Yarn
  5. Garrett Barry’s
    The Old Favourite
  6. Glory Glory Corkscrew
  7. The Piper’s Despair
    Touch Me If You Dare
    The Sports At Listowel
  8. My Fair Tara
  9. The Moving Bog
    Paddy Carthy’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  10. Hector The Hero
  11. Hammy Hamilton’s Highland
    St. Stephens Day Storm!
    No Lights And No Cold Beer
  12. Five Year Stretch
  13. Farewell To Miltown
    In Memory Of Coleman
  14. Brian O’Lynn
    The Leprechaun
    Liam O’Connors

Five comments

Belharbour (Chris Droney composition)

Track 4, 1st tune is "The Belharbour Reel", composed by Chris Droney (booklet notes), you can see it here:

Re: "A Clare Conscience" ~ the full list of musicians first:

Anthony Quigney - flute

Aidan McMahon - fiddle

Donncha Moynihan - guitar, bouzouki

Ronan Moloney - bodhran

& guests - - -

Diarmid Moynihan - uilleann pipes (track 10)

Marie Quigney - accordion (track 8) & piano (tracks 4 & 11)

Re: "A Clare Conscience" ~ a joy! - but I am going to be critical!

I love this recording, and have great appreciation for the talents featured here. It is a joy also to play along with ~ on the whole!? But, and yes, there are a few, some of the tunes are pretty dire, and sometimes the arranging plods on ~ my opinion. There’s one track or few that caused me to pause and screw up my face. The worst is the so-called waltz, which starts off badly, though brilliant playing, but a drag, too long an intro, and it never goes anywhere satisfactory for me. At no point does track 8 really register in my mind or feet as a waltz, even if it is in 3/4 time. Maybe it could be worked that way, or just taken as an ‘air’ rather than being called a waltz. I love that time signature, whether it’s marches, waltzes, airs, whatever, but this particular track was just odd. The other niggles are on the whole similar in origin ~ compositions!

Hey, maybe it’s just me? Despite those few things that didn’t register favourably for me, only a few, I really, Really, REALLY love their playing, on the whole, and I love and prize this recording. Mostly it makes me smile. It makes me pick up an instrument and play along too. The mix of the three main players, and the bodhranista too, a charm, lots of smiles and a bit of stepping, and even some goosebumps thrown in. I have easily forgiven the odd moments of "Huh?" Thanks lads, this has and continues to repeatedly give me much pleasure…