Jigs, Reels And Airs

By Seamus Tansey

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I find this a very nice, simplistic album - no fuss, just nice tunes.

Although Tansey may be a bit excentric, he does play a lovely flute.

Double CD

This CD is available as part of a "2 on 1" CD, with this being tracks 1-14. 15 - 28 are Seamus as part of "The Coleman Country Ceili Band". Some of the tune names are unusual - I’ll try to provide links below.

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Patsy Toughy’s No 1 and 2

The first is the slip jig mostly commonly known as Give Us a Drink of Water, here: https://thesession.org/tunes/635

(as opposed to the Bothy Band version, which is apparently better known as The Swaggering Jig, here: https://thesession.org/tunes/661)

Not sure about the second, but the B part definitely sound pretty similar to Pay the Reckoning.



I pointed that out above, 3 years ago.

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