Jigs, Reels And Airs

By Seamus Tansey

  1. Ned Killeen’s Favourite
    Ned Killeen’s Delight
  2. The Blackberry Blossom
    A Rainy Day
  3. Patsy Touhey’s
    Finbar Furey’s Delight
  4. An Buachaill Caol Dubh
  5. Farewell To Gurteen
  6. The Girl That Broke My Heart
    The Sally Gardens
  7. Michael Coleman’s Favourite
    Gillian’s Apples
  8. The Navy’s Farewell
    Cregg’s Pipes
  9. Patsy Touhey’s No. 1
    Patsy Touhey’s No. 2
  10. Colonel Fraser
  11. Craib Tu Ar An Garric
  12. The Foxhunter
    Johnny Cronin’s
  13. The Frost Is All Over
    Paddy O’Brien’s
  14. The Flax In Bloom
    Gan Ainm

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I find this a very nice, simplistic album - no fuss, just nice tunes.

Although Tansey may be a bit excentric, he does play a lovely flute.

Double CD

This CD is available as part of a "2 on 1" CD, with this being tracks 1-14. 15 - 28 are Seamus as part of "The Coleman Country Ceili Band". Some of the tune names are unusual - I’ll try to provide links below.

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Patsy Toughy’s No 1 and 2

The first is the slip jig mostly commonly known as Give Us a Drink of Water, here: https://thesession.org/tunes/635

(as opposed to the Bothy Band version, which is apparently better known as The Swaggering Jig, here: https://thesession.org/tunes/661)

Not sure about the second, but the B part definitely sound pretty similar to Pay the Reckoning.



I pointed that out above, 3 years ago.

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