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‘Irish Times’ review, January 5th, 1996.

Raise The Rafters: “Raise the Rafters” Celtic Prime Leisure Records CCD 002 (55 Mins)

Popular and regular players at Cruise’s Pub in Ennis. Raise the Rafters are flute player Kevin Crawford, box player P.J. King and singer/guitarist, Martin O’Malley. RTR’s stock in trade is infectious dance music augmented by contemporary folksong material. The album impresses as an authentic recreation on vinyl of the live band. There is an excitement and dash to the performances that conjures up a loyal, appreciative audience, making for confident, feel good music and pleasant listening.

Preponderantly instrumental the rapport between flute and box is close and fruitful, particularly so on the Reel of Bogey and on the set of reels Billy Brocker/Eddie Moloney/The Otter’s Holt, where their unity of purpose displays itself in light fingered agility. This vocal material suffers from a sameness in delivery and accompaniment, with the notable exception of Cold Blow Winds, with its sparkling guitar and mandolin backing.

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this is the wrong cover (concerns a Scottish band Molly’s Revenge); now I’d like to know whether the original tape I have is now available as CD ? Thanks