The Merry Sisters Of Fate

By Lúnasa

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The Merry Sisters of Fate by Lunasa

I really love the band. I went to their concert and I know how great they are.
But, to be honest, I feel something is missing in this album. It sounds a bit stiff and lacks ad-lib atmosphere which characterizes the previous recordings. I think it is not only me who feels this way.

Tune’s in Scully’s set

On Lunasa’s Sisters of Fate what are the names of the tunes on the Scully’s track? Specialy the second one at 33.21.

Re: Tune’s in Scully’s set

Hi B.Lady
It’s Scully Casey’s (Palm Sunday), and The Dusty Miller

Re: Tune’s in Scully’s set

Thanks loads!
Later, must learn new tunes. Defnatley. Defnatley learn new tune.

Lunasa tune have another name?

Lunasa plays a slow a minor jig that they call ‘Scully Casey’s’ on the Merry Sisters of Fate CD? I wonder if this tune is known more commonly by another name?

Re: Lunasa tune have another name?

How about "Palm Sunday"?

All the tracks I’ve heard on this CD are very nice, Lunasa is quickly going to the top of my favorite groups… Though, I have to say, the way the accompaniment goes in Kevin’s solo on Morning Nightcap seems way too similar to Sporting Paddy, at least to me…

Wrong link…

Here’s the right link for ‘The Dusty Miller’:

It’s also the same melody as the tune by this name on The Chieftain’s ‘Water from the Well’, though with a different setting.

Track 11, tune 1

The Wedding Reel was incorrectly labelled on the CD and it should have been MacLeod’s Farewell (written by Donald Shaw):

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