By Flook

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‘Welcome to Flatfish’

the first Flook studio album

Sara Allen (accordion), Ed Boyd (guitar / bouzouki), Brian Fiinnagan (flute / low whistle) and John Joe Kelly (bodhran)

Track Titles :

1 Calico
2 E flat reels
3 The Gentle Giant
4 Sligo Reel
5 Flatfish
6 Happy jigs
7 Bruno
8 Waltzes
9 Flutopia

Produced / Mixed by Fllook and Andrew Cronshaw
Recorded in Rochdale (‘Suite 16’) and Bath (‘Real World’)

(c)1999 Flatfish Records www.flook.co.uk


I personally think this is their best recording so far. It’s much wilder than their lastest album, and they do a great job with simpler arrangements.

I agree with slainte’s comment from 4 years ago… This is probably their best, IMO. They don’t have any extra percussion, and it is "much wilder". I like that they do some old tunes too, and use more variation and that rolling-into-the-note business…

The second midi of the first tune in second track is incorrect :S

I have to take the minority view, I guess. I have both Flatfish and Rubai. Both are technically dazzling performances, and I do agree that Flatfish is "wilder" than Rubai. A very apt description. But I just find so little to grab onto here melodically. I kinda dig the first tune in the first track. And track 7 makes the whole recording worth owning by itself. I can listen to that over and over. But other than those pieces, I don’t walk away from this CD with the tunes stuck in my head. Whereas, with Rubai, I once made a 4 hour car trip listening to nothing but that one cd. Over and over and over. Never tired of it, and still haven’t.