Ragús - An Seo

By Various Artists

  1. Jimmy Ward’s
    Sliabh Russell
    The Rambler
  2. Green Grow The Rushes
  3. Island Memories
  4. Amhran Mhuinse
  5. The Rights Of Man
  6. The Two Conneelys
  7. The Otter’s Holt
    The Wise Maid
    Miss McCloud’s
  8. Mo Oileain
  9. Jimmy Shand’s
  10. Evelyn Marie
  11. Greg’s Rhythm
  12. The Blackberry Blossom
    The Silver Spear
    The Musical Priest
    The Flowers Of Red Hill

Two comments

Like the Album

I recently got this album after having heard the groovy version of Whelan’s jig broadcast on LiveIreland.com. I first heard it two or three years ago, but LiveIreland is not very good about giving album information, so it’s taken this long to find it. At first I thought the album would be a drum kit and synthesizer, Riverdance version of Irish trad, but it’s got some great tracks, the first and seventh in particular, and I love the Flowers of Red Hill. Seems like traditional instrumentation (ullian pipes, button accordion, guitar) and playing, although pretty fast. Very nice button accordion playing to my whistle player’s ears.


Re: An Seo

There was no band called Ragús. It was the name of a stage show which started out in Dublin the late 1990s and is probably still touring somewhere.

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