The Sligo Champion (CD 1 of 2)

By Michael Gorman

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"Michael Gorman: The Sligo Champion" (CD 2)

Topic Records, TSCD525D

"Michael Gorman, a close associate with Michael Coleman before the later emigrated to America, was a key figure in the great music tradition of southern Sligo. His music, together with that of his nephew Michael (flute), his brother Martin (voice), & neighbours Tom Gannon (fiddle) and Gerry Wimsey (tin whistle), typifies that tradition’s classic period of creativity and definition. His later major contribution to Irish music making in London is reflected recordings with Mick Flynn (flute), Margaret Barry (voice & banjo), Jimmy Power (fiddle), Paddy Breen (flageolet), Tommy Maguire (accordion), & Patsy Goulding (piano)."

Produced by the team of Tony Engle and Reg Hall, this includes a generous booklet of notes and a discograpy by Reg Hall, his usual excellent and much appreciated research and comment.

I’m no longer surprised that some folks just dump something like this on site without comment, but it seems particularly neglectful when it is as excellent as this is. It’s one of my favourites, though there are many. 😉

Re: The Sligo Champion (CD 1 of 2)

Not showing above, but the double-CD is available for download through "iTunes" [ 57 tracks ] for a very reasonable £5.99.

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