The Sligo Champion (CD 2)

By Michael Gorman

  1. The Star Of Munster
  2. Gurney’s Fancy
  3. The Blackbird
  4. The Veleta
  5. Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
  6. The Mountain Road
  7. The Mountain Road
    Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  8. The Chanter’s Song
  9. The Jolly Old Man
  10. The Fermoy Lasses
    The Silver Spear
  11. The King Of The Fairies
  12. The Burnt Cabbage
  13. The Banks Of The Silvery Tide
  14. The Mug Of Brown Ale
    The Black Rogue
  15. McFadden’s
  16. The Strayaway Child
    The (Old) Lark In The Morning
  17. Within A Mile Of Dublin
  18. The Dark Woman Of The Glen
  19. The Old Bush
    The Galty
  20. The Turfman From Ardee
  21. Mulhare’s
    Dinny O’Brien
    Farewell To Connacht
  22. The Tempest
    Colonel Rodney
  23. The Broken Pledge
  24. The Avonmore
  25. A Rainy Day
  26. Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part
  27. The Harvest Home
  28. The Bunch Of Keys
    The Boys Of Ballisadare
    The Sligo Maid

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Re: The Sligo Champion (CD 2)

Not showing above, but the double-CD is available for download through "iTunes" [ 57 tracks ] for a very reasonable £5.99.

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