By Dermot Hyde And Tom Hake

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  1. Thirteen Years
    Keelin’s Return
  2. The Fly On The Windowsill
    Nora’s Dream
    The Auld Fella
  3. Madia Solina
  4. The Peacock’s Feather
    Lucky Lorcan
    Malin Head
    The Bold Man’s Wife
  5. Adair’s March
    Cities Far Away
    Lament For Derryveagh
  6. The Trip To Skye
    The Maid On The Green
    The Plains Of Canada
  7. Kisses And Kind Eyes
  8. Pipeline
    Conor Tully’s
    The Trip To Sardinia
  9. Non Te Namores
    Rumba De Caracia
    Verde Gaio
    Polka De Vilagarcia

One comment

Pipeline - new Celtic music

This recording should be of great interest to this community. Pipeline are gaining recognition for their original material. Over 70% of the tunes and songs on this CD are original from Dermot Hyde and a few members of his family. Check out The Peacock’s Feather mp3 at this location http://www.scotsmarket.com/r2/mp3samples.asp

slainte, paddy