Mike MacDougall’s Tape For Father Hector

By Mike MacDougall

  1. Dunphies
    James Gannon’s
    Without Name
    The Glenbeigh
    The Gerhard Heintzman Piano
  2. Peggy’s
    Off To Donnybrook
    Little Jack’s
    Larry O’Gaff
    The Black Hoe
    The Old Grey Goose
  3. Ann Campbell’s March
    Miss Forbes’ Farewell To Banff
    Without Name
    West Mabou
    The Night We Had The Goats
    Paddy On The Turnpike
    The Miser
  4. Charlie Hunter’s
    Without Name
    Soldier’s Cloak
    Trip To Toronto
    The Goldenrod
  5. Killiecrankie
    Rothiemurcus Rant
    Bonny Lass Of Fisherrow
    The Haggis
    The White Crow
  6. The Forest Of Ga-ick
    Athole Brose
    Lady Muir MacKenzie
    Wedderburn House
    Uist Lasses
    Welcome, Charlie Stewart
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  7. Coilsfield House
    Munlochy Bridge
    The Duke Of Gordon’s
    Primrose Lasses
    Lord Wellington’s
  8. Gordon Quigley’s
    Miss Carmichael’s
    Mrs. Gordon Of Baird’s
    An Ingonish
    Without Name
  9. Minnie Foster’s Clog
    Fred Wilson’s Clog
    Archie Menzie’s
  10. Mrs. Dingwall Of Brockley’s
    Miss Grace Menzie
    Lasses O’ Ballantrae
    Carnie’s Canter
    Mrs. Charlie Stewart
    Reichswall Forest
    Miss Grant Of Grant
    Tommy MacQuestion’s
    Dan Galbey’s

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Mike MacDougall’s Tape for Father Hector

Mike MacDougall - violin
Tim Donovan - guitar

Cape Breton’s Magazine
Wreck Cove, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia


Mike MacDougall was a hard working fisherman and a damned fine fiddler. He was the main dance fiddler for ‘Down North’ until heart disease took him out of the picture. It devestated his community and it took awhile for them to recover their dance feet again.

This is one of my favourite recordings…

Mike MacDougall ~ Cape Breton’s Magazine

“Cape Breton’s Magazine”
Cape Breton’s Magazine ~ editor & publisher Ronald Caplan

Issue 17 ~ Trap Fishing with Mike MacDougall

Issue 38 ~ From “Mike MacDougall’s Tape for Fr. Hector” w/9 transcriptions from the recording, courtesy of Paul Cranford

Lord Wellington’s = Sheehan’s

The final tune in the seventh track links incorrectly to “The Galway Rambler,” when it should link instead to “Sheehan’s Reel” at https://thesession.org/tunes/1178.

Track 1, third tune — unnamed Gmaj hornpipe

Here is an .ABC transcription of the nameless Gmaj hornpipe that is the third tune in the set on the first track (between “James Gannon” and “Glenbeigh.”)

R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: (D<G) Gc BG G2 | BGB<d g2 (3gfg | ecce dBGB | cBA<G A2 D2 |
(D<G) Gc BG G2 | BGB<d g2 (3gfg | ecce dBGB | cAF<A G4 :|
|: g2 g/a/b e2 ef | g2 g/a/b e2 e/f/g | f2 f/g/a d2 ef | gfgb af d2 |
g2 g/a/b e2 ef | g2 g/a/b e2 e/f/g | f2 f/g/a d2 ef | g2 ba g4 :|

Track 1, fourth tune — “Glenbeigh”

Even though it’s not given by name in the cassette list, the fourth tune in the set on the first track is just the B part to the clog/hornpipe/barndance known as “The Curlew Hills,” “Morrison’s,” or “Glenbeigh.” Mike goes straight from one iteration of this B part into “The Gerhard Heintzman Piano.”

Here is an .ABC transcription of how Mike plays just the second half of “Glenbeigh.”

R: clog
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc |: d2 b2 c2 a2 | B2 gf gdBG | F2 e2 edcA | F2 e2 edBc |
d2 b2 c2 a2 | B2 gf gdBG | F2 e2 edcA | [1 G2 B2 GBBc :| [2 G2 B2 G4 ||