Tears Of Stone

By The Chieftains

  1. Never Give All The Heart
  2. A Stor Mo Chroi
  3. The Lowlands Of Holland
  4. The Magdalene Laundries
  5. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
  6. I Know My Love
    The Promenade
  7. Factory Girl
  8. Deserted Soldier
  9. Ye Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
  10. Sake In The Jar
  11. Raglan Road
  12. Siul A Run
  13. The Fiddling Ladies
  14. Danny Boy

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The Fiddling Ladies

The set played by Ivers, Natalie McMaster, and someone else whose name escapes me, is the 13 minute one called Fiddling Ladies. I wondered if anyone could help me out with the titles. I know the main tune is Nine Points of Roguery, and one of the others is Willie Frazer or Frasier, also found on a Natalie McMaster record (My Roots are Showing, I believe). Anyone know what the other(s) is (are)?

Liz Carrol and Annbjørg LIen?


I meant the other songs in the set 🙂. I left my CD box at home, and so wasn’t in a position to tell the musicians. But the tunes, I want the tunes!

The other two pieces…

The other two pieces in The Fiddling Ladies set are;

"The Dogs Among The Bushes"

"The Spey In Spate"

First tune is way off

The first tune is Bunker Hill and not the Nine Points of Roguery

First tune is Norwegian, not Irish

It is played by Annbjorg Lien on the Hardanger Fiddle, and called Hildalen.

The type of the tune is called Gangar. It is a dance in 2/4 or 6/8 for couples. There are many version of Hildalen, and Annbjorg plays just a small part of it. Here’s the full tune:


First tune is way, way, way off

The first tune is none of these - not Bunker Hill, not Nine Points, not Norwegian. It’s a simple D major tune that gets repeated throughout the set. Does anyone know what it is? I’m curious.

Re: Tears Of Stone

If you’re meaning the very first tune played in "The Fiddling Ladies" medley, it’s none of those named above by anyone. I don’t know it - it does bear similarities to at least one or two reels I can think of - but it’s most likely a Donegal "Highland", and the names of those are notoriously hard to pin down.

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