By Bohola

  1. Redican’s
    The Merry Old Woman
    The Chapel Bell
  2. Doherty’s March
    Mother’s Delight
    The Mountain Road
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  3. In North Americay
  4. Francie Walsh’s
    Where Is The Cat?
    Dan O’Keefe’s
  5. The Emigrant’s Farewell
    When The Cock Crows It Is Day
    Tom O’Malley’s
    All The Way To Galway

One comment

Two albums, same name

This one is Bohola’s self-released album, pre-Shanachie, which is either eponymous or untitled, can’t tell from the packaging. Short, but a fine piece of work. Probably only available direct from the band, unless they decide to repackage and re-release it in the future.