Clannad 2

By Clannad

  1. An Gabhar Bán
  2. Eleanor Plunkett
  3. Coinleach Ghlas An Fhómair
  4. Rince Philib A’Cheoil
  5. By Chance It Was
  6. Rince Briotánach (Gavoten Ar Menez)
  7. Dheanainn Súgradh
  8. Gaoth Barra Na dTonn
  9. Teidhir Abhaile Riú
  10. Fairly Shot Of Her
  11. Chuaigh Mé ’Na Rosann

Three comments

Clannad 3

The Breto dance tune is called “Gavoten ar Menez”
any abc?

‘Gavotten ar menez’ isn’t the name of that specific tune: it’s a breton generic term for ‘mountain gavotte’, ie; from the high plateaus(!) of central Finistère. (as in: ‘the Highland fling’)
It seems as if there’s very litte reliable information in English about Breton Dance, on the net. Try for an overview -in French- or publications by Jean-Michel and Yvon Guilcher for first hand -and first class!- accounts and theory.

I’ll post you an ABC if you’re still interested.