Dancing Through Ireland

By Various Artists

  1. Calum Beag
    Staten Island
    The Breakdown
  2. Rosewood
    When Sick Is It Tea You Want?
    Out On The Ocean
  3. O’Rahilly’s
    O’Brien Of Arran
    Captain Dunne’s March
  4. Boolavogue
    Green Glens Of Antrim
    The Moon Behind The Hill
  5. Darby Durkin
    The Rakes Of Mallow
  6. A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
    Come To The Show
    The Rattling Bog
  7. The Merry Harriers
    Glen Allen
    The Connemara Stockings
    The Green Gates
  8. Tell Her I Am
    Come And Stay With Me
    Hinchy’s Delight
    The Banks Of Lough Gowna
  9. The Leitrim Fancy
    The Quarrelsome Piper
    Off To California
    The Cloone
  10. Let Erin Remember
    O’Donnell Abu
    The Three Flowers
    A Nation Once Again
  11. The King Of The Fairies
  12. Take This Message
    I’ll Remember Your Love In My Prayers
    The Irish Jaunting Car

One comment

Tracks 1,2,3,4,11,12 The Innis Fail Ceili Band
Tracks 5,6 The St Brendan Ceili Band
Tracks 7,8,9,10 The Eamonn Ceant Ceili Band

A budget CD on the Castle label, MAC CD 320