First O‘ The Darkenin’

By Chris Stout

  1. Hillswick
    Party Scene
  2. Gan Ainm
    Fraser Fifield’s
  3. Jeg Ser Deg Sote Lam
  4. Double Helix
    Vaca Armarela
  5. Da Day Dawn
    Greenland Mans Tune
  6. First o‘ the Darkenin’
    Baak High
  7. Punch In The Dark
    Jeanie Shock Da Bairn
    Piper On Horseback
  8. Hamnataing

Eleven comments

Chris Stout

this is his first solo album and there is a really funky version of Hamnataing on it

This is one of my favourites. The “flying spiccato” in the title track is fantastic.

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You’re wrong.

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I think she’s agreeing with you here, Kenny, in that the tune ***by that name on this album*** is a different tune to the one I posted by that name 🙂

or he, I suppose.

So, he or she meant that “The Piper On Horseback, as listed on the liner notes on this album, is actually tune 1231, not 1247, which is the *real* Piper On Horseback”

He or she didn’t mean “the *real* Piper On Horseback is 1231”

It’s ambiguous

She 🙂

And erm it made sense in my mind, just when it came to writing it down it well obviously didnt!

I meant that tune 1231 is the version that is played rather than 1247.

Oh, it’s a female! 🙂