An Irish Evening

By The Chieftains

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Unknown Tune

I’m looking for the name of a tune which I’ve listened in AN IRISH EVENING, a live concert of The Chieftains at 1992.

This tune is included in 7th track, just before THE MUSICAL PRIEST, the tune which close the track. It’s a cool jig but i can’t remember if I’ve listened it anytime, and all people I’ve ask about it don’t know anything.

Can someone help me?

O’Keefe’s is in fact O’Rourke’s

The title of the comment says it.

Does anybody here actually like Nancy Griffith’s voice? I hate that song she sings on the last track… she sounds like she’s just growling or something

Last track

I like Nanci Griffith’s voice but I don’t think it fits this music very well, I also like the song in the medly on the last track, but NOT this version it just doesn’t fit the style.

Does anyone have titles for the rest of the tunes they do in the final medly?

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