By Bohola

  1. Callipygian
    Hoban’s On 63rd
    O’Keefe’s Mother
  2. The Ashe March
    Wexford Fisherman
    The Lark In The Mountain
    The Lark In The Mountain Breakdown
  3. Queen Of The Fairies
    In London So Fair
    Porthole Of The Kelp
  4. Jolly Young Ploughboy
    Bohola March
    The Flower Of The Flock
  5. Parnell’s March
    The Consitution And The Guerriere
    The Siege Of Ennis
    Cuz’s Favorite
    The Ballydesmond
  6. The Old Orange Lodge
    All On The Mountains High
    The New Orange Lodge
    The Road To Glountane
    The Glountane Highland
  7. Bluehill
    Lonesome Robin
    Carracastle Lasses
  8. There Was A Lady
    The Lonesome Road To Dingle
    Katie Scollard’s
  9. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
  10. Gweneen

Two comments

Bohola’s most recent. These guys fill a spot somewhere between the two melody players with accompanist and the big arrangements band. Kind of “two melody players with accompanist and big arrangements”. I can’t think of anyone since Phil Cunningham who’s made the piano accordion sound quite so good.

Different Queen of the Fairies

The Queen of the Fairies on this recording is a G minor hornpipe - not the D major mazurka on the link. Does anyone know if this tune exists in the database by a different name?