Jig It In Style

By Sean Keane

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Claddagh Records CCF25CD. From the sleeve notes … "He explores both Scottish and Irish music, with a few American tunes thrown in for good measure. The interplay of Irish and Scottish music is nothing new; a once common Gaelic culture, a relatively high degree of musical literacy and an obvious geographic proximity have always facilitated it. In fact, many popular tunes now totally assimilated into the Irish tradition have a well-attested Scottish provenance, in some cases going back to the eighteenth century. In more recent times, the playing of Scottish music has been seen in some circles as a slight on the native muse. This caveat never seems to have worried the practicing musicians who, had they obeyed it, would have had to cast out some of their best tunes."

Keane is joined on the album by Paul Brady (guitar and synthesiser), Dave Fleming (bass), Frankie Lane (dobro), Liam O Floinn (pipes).