Nine Fine Irishmen’s Sin E Ri-Ra

By Sin E Ri-Ra

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  1. Willow Tree
    The Nova Scotia
    MacArthur’s Rant
  2. Whiskey In The Jar
  3. Spanish Lady
  4. Castle Kelly
  5. Kerry
  6. Wild Colonial Boy
  7. Dirty Old Town
  8. Crowley’s
  9. Swingset
  10. The Day After Christmas
    I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
    The Maids Of Ardagh
  11. The Irish Rover
  12. The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
    Beare Island
    Morse Avenue
  13. Step It Out Mary
  14. Seven Drunken Nights
  15. Bobby Casey’s
    Punch In The Dark
  16. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
    Master Crowley’s
  17. One Fine Finale

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Sin E Ri-Ra

The band at Nine Fine Irishmen, the New York New York casino, Las Vegas, NV

Darryl Conlon - guitar, vocals
Steve Holloway - drums, bodhran
Alana Musselman - fiddle
Kyle Turner - bass
Sharon Lynn - step dancer
Martin Brennan - Fear an Ti

Steve is now touring with a Riverdance troup and there is a new drummer. The cd can be ordered at the NY NY web site.

Try this for some background on this band:

This was recorded live in late 2003, three or four weeks after the bass player, my brother, got there, using just the mics they use in performance, not recording mics. The mix is pretty good, or at least that’s my opinion, with every instrument being heard but not overwhelming. There’s a good mix of instrumental, vocal, bodhran solo, dance solo.

I love it, of course. I was there a week or so over last Christmas, up every night till 3 in the morning when the band quits, and I’ll have to admit I think it’s funny when they morph into rock and roll covers after midnight. Darryl’s voice is great for this music. Alana is a speedy soul - I’d like a little more breathing room on the tempo, but that’s a personal preference. She’s a great fiddler, tho. Steve’s bodhran is excellent, but he uses a trap set on many of the sets (I can almost feel some folks flinch). The bass is pretty laid back here, and non-existent on the traditional stuff. But I really like the intro to the swing set. You have to be in pub at the start of the final set around 1:30 AM to get the full effect of the bass :>). Sharon is a world class step dancer (literally) and her solo gets you moving.

So if you don’t expect it to be a session, but go for good music and a good time, you’ll find it.

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