Tracks North (Music From Shetland) CD 1 Traditional Imprints

By Various Artists

  1. The Quarff Lassies
    Beth’s Tune
    The 2nd Of May
    Bobby Crowe Of Balmullo
    Da Sooth End
  2. Da Auld Man
    Uyea Isle
  3. Pig’s
    Gibbie Gray
    The Banshee
  4. Holland
    Len Grace
    Ken McConnal’s First Change
  5. Sailing South
  6. The Pumping Bass
    Gan Ainm
    Fr Bob Doyle’s
    The Laughing Cavalier
  7. The Margit Vals
  8. Orfasay
    Jig For Life
  9. Canadian 4 Step
    The Murray River
  10. The Rights Of Man
    The Peerie Norwegian Pilot
    Chicago’s Shine
  11. Thorvald Thoreffon’s March
    Mousa Broch
  12. Off To The North
    Miss Gillian Yellop’s Favourite
    The Staircase
  13. Hillswick
    Party Scene
  14. Da Bride’s A Bonnie Ting
    Woo’d An’ Married An’ A’
  15. There’s No Business Like Show Business
    Mister Sandman
    I Could Have Danced All Night
    Happy Days Are Here Again
  16. George Robertson Nicolson
  17. Central House
    Jack Broke Da Prison Door
  18. Hamish’s Boat
  19. Maggie’s Pancakes
    Mouth Of The Tobique

One comment

It’s sobering to think that the Shetlands are home to only around 21,000 people; every second person must be born a virtuoso. This is a great introduction to Shetland music. Produced by The Shetland Arts Trust, catalogue number SAT03. See

1. Filska - The Quarff Lasses/Beth’s Tune/The 2nd Of May/Bobby Crowe of Balmullo/Da Sooth End
2. Steven Spence - Da Auld Man/Uyea Isle/George’s Reel
3. Heritage Fiddlers - Pigs Reel/Gibbie Gray/The Banshee
4. Cullivoe Dance Band - Holland Jig/Len Grace Jig/Ken McConnal’s 1st Change
5. Judi Nicolson with Brian Gear and Violet Tulloch - Sailing South
6. Fiddlers’ Bid - The Pumping Bass/Unknown/Fr Bob Doyle’s/The Laughing Cavalier
7. The Jim Halcrow Trio - The Margit Vals
8. Margaret Scollay - Orfasay/Izzy’s Jig/Jig For Life
9. Graham Edwardson Band - Canadian 4 Step/The Murray River Jig/I C Muir
10. Mark Laurenson - The Rights O Man/The Peerie Norwegian Pilot/Chicago’s Shine
11. Da Fustra - Thorvald Thoreffon’s March/Mousa Broch
12. Brian Gear with Judi Nicolson and Violet Tulloch - Off To The North/Miss Gillian Yellop’s Favourite/The Staircase Reel
13. Chris Stout - Hillswick/Party Scene
14. Shetland Fiddlers Society - Da Bride’s A Bonnie Ting/Woo’d An’ Married An’ A’
15. Alan Nicholson Band - There’s No Business Like Show Business/Mister Sandman/I Could Have Danced All Night/Happy Days Are Here Again
16. Gemma Donald - George Robertson Nicolson
17. High Strings - Central House/Jack Broke Da Prison Door
18. Laura Lockyer - Hamish’s Boat
19. New Tradition - Maggie’s Pancakes/Mouth Of The Tobique