McGlynn’s Fancy

By Arty McGlynn

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I don’t know when this was recorded, since I only have the album on a bootlegged tape, pressed into my mitt one night by an enthusiastic mate who said I’d be blown away by McGlynn’s melody playing. He was right! About time Arty brought out a follow-up (though how he’d have time, given his ubiquity on other artists’ CDs!). David Hammond is on vocals duty.

Follow up

Aidan, get your paws on Lead the Knave (Arty and Nollaig Casey). He plays a fair bit of melody on that too.

McGlynn’s Fancy by Arty McGlynn

This came out in 1981, I believe. Lead the Knave was 1989. Some good stuff on that, too.

It was actually 1980, Nigel, and, on a further point of pedantry, track 11 should be listed as ‘The Sally Gardens’ (aka ‘The Maid of Mourne Shore’).

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Sally Gardens

The above comment is correct. On the recording Arty plays the slow air Down by the Sally Gardens which is a different tune to the reel listed for download. Lovely album. Watching him perform shows a man at perfect ease with his playing. He also is a very funny man despite his stern countenance If you like this you will also like Close to Home by Donal Clancy

Re: McGlynn’s Fancy - £2.49 on "iTunes"

Ay up…. ! For reasons I don’t fully understand, this complete album can be downloaded through "iTunes" for 3 different prices, the cheapest of which is £2.49 ! Snap it up before they discover the mistake !
"Lead The Knave" - mentioned above - can be got for £3.99.

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