The Road To Glenlough

By James Byrne

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“James Byrne: The Road to Glenlough”

I can’t believe I let this one slip. I must have been distracted in a big way. It is a favourite, I love it, along with “The Brass Fiddle”, where James fiddling is also featured, with others…

“The Brass Fiddle: Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal”
Various fiddlers ~ including James Byrne, Vincent Campbell, Con Ciassidy and Francie Byrne
Submitted on August 24th 2002 by Zina Lee.

James Byrne video clips

A truely wonderful CD, there are just not enough rcordings of the master available. Here are links to some video clips on You Tube. The second one has james along with Danny Meehan and Tommy Peoples,the third is somewhat poor quality but still worth checking out if you enjoy James’ fiddling.

Re: The Road To Glenlough

3 June 2016
A few days ago in the music tent at the Chippenham Folk Festival I was lucky enough to find for sale an original 1990 LP of this album, in almost pristine condition. Of course, I purchased it and went on my way rejoicing. It now has pride of place next to my LP of The Brass Fiddle, so completing the James Byrne discography.

IMO, a good LP still blows the socks off any other recording medium.

Re: The Road To Glenlough

My maternal grandmother was a Byrne; apparently her father - or her grandfather - was allegedly a professional violin (I’d take that as fiddle) player named Michael Byrne also an Irish farmer. I’m assuming as I’m from Glasgow that he originated from Donegal as Byrne is a mostly Donegal name. It’s also quite a common name so there may be no connection. But no harm in putting out feelers!