Jefferson And Liberty

By The Itinerant Band

Three comments

Review in “Dirty Linen”

“The music of colonial America is the specialty of The Itinerant Band, a seven-piece group from Virginia. On Jefferson and Liberty [Southern Branch Music SBM-2001CD(2001)], the repertoire largely dates from the 18th century or earlier, with familiar British import dance tunes like “Fisher’s Hornpipe” and “Flowers of Edinburgh,” and contemporaneous vocal pieces like the sea chantey “John Cherokee” and an obscure love song called “O! Say Bonnie Lass” from the notebook of a Revolutionary War officer. This group wisely avoids the obsession with historical authenticity that makes some similar groups unlistenably precious. The members add a few contemporary instruments like guitars and octave mandolins to the fiddles and flutes that would have been used back then, and they clearly enjoy what they’re doing, playing with feeling rather than academic dryness. The resonating hammered-dulcimer leads on many of the instrumental tracks are especially lovely.”