Dog Big And Dog Little

By Ben Lennon, Seamus Quinn, Gabriel McArdle, Ciaran Curran

Three comments

The recording I have of this, for whatever reason, is about half a step fast/sharp, needing a 20 to 25% reduction to bring it into tune… This wasn’t unusual with old 78s, but I’ve also found the same with some modern recordings…

Dog Big And Dog Little

Track 1. Jimmy Duffy’s Barndances: I have separated the two tunes by giving them "No.1" and No.2" titles, making the links go directly to the tunes concerned. I hope that’s not too much of an imposition.

Not at all. I’d have done similarly but for that being, in the past, a no-no. I had tried before. I do love it when a link goes to where it should. thanks Nigel, always appreciated, by me anyway.

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