Glad Company

By Anna Massie

  1. Reel Beatrice
    Mrs Dundas Of Arniston
    The Trip To Windsor
  2. Airaidh Nam Badan
    Dad’s Landrover
    Dram Behind The Curtain
  3. The Westcoaster
    New Claret
    The Dry County
  4. The Miller’s Rant
    The Pippin
  5. The Mission Hall
  6. Paresis
    Kissing Is The Best Of A’
    Mrs Forbes
  7. An Clunnie Mi Mo Nighean Donn
  8. Bogle’s Majority
    Ceres Green
    An Deanadh Im
  9. Spoon River
  10. The Feet Washing
    The Slip
  11. A Hundred Years Since
    The Miser
    The Amazing Johnnie Stewart
  12. Glad Company

One comment

OK, so it’s not Irish but….

OK, It’s not Irish but if you don’t enjoy this album from the multi talented, multi instrumentalist Anna Massie, then you must be terminally sick. Excellent music, altogether.
Former Young Tradition winner, Anna excels on fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and tenor banjo. This album also features Maireard Green(Accordion and bagpipes) and Jenn Butterworth(Guitar and vocals). Fine musicians too.