The Million Dollar Tip

By Billy Goats Gruff

Added by JesseW .

  1. Tramps And Hawkers
  2. The Honeymoon
  3. Moving On
  4. Jenny Dang The Weaver
  5. The Amy Usen
  6. Lonesome Feeling
  7. The New Reels
  8. McVitie’s And Tea
  9. Sid’s Last Pumpkin
  10. Le P’tit Moine
  11. The Miller’s Maggot
  12. Night Guard
  13. George White’s
  14. The Leaving Of Liverpool
  15. The Banshee Set
  16. The Parting Glass
  17. More Power To Your Elbow

Two comments

Who they are

Billy Goats Gruff are a three woman group I heard in Victoria, British Columbia. They were playing outside, as street musicians. I simply fell in love upon hearing them, and managed to gather enough courage to ask to purchase one of their CDs.

If you’re in Victoria, see if you can find out if the’re still playing, and if they have a website or anything, and please post.

Name Change

Billy Goats Gruff changed their name last year to “The Gruff” and have recorded a great new CD called “A Goat on Every Floor” with lots of great original songs and tunes on it.