The Blue Lamp

By Jonny Hardie And Gavin Marwick

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The Blue Lamp

Released in 1999. Features the fiddle playing of Jonny Hardie (Old Blind Dogs) and Gavin Marwick.

Guest musicians include Leo McCann (button accordion), Eamon Coyne (banjo), Andy Thorburn (piano, keyboards), and Aaron Jones (bouzouki).

Was just learning The Solstice Reel and saw that this recording wasn’t posted yet.

Note on the Silver Spire

The version of the tune given as the Silver Spire is not the same as the commonly accepted irish version (and is noted as such in the liner notes).

I know this tune by the name “The Blacksmith”, a simple reel with a A part in D, and the B part in G. Not posted here yet - I’ll see what I can do to transcribe it into abc.

not the “Silver Spire”

You’re quite correct _Steph_ , it is indeed the “Blacksmith’s” reel and not the “Silver Spire”. I’ve been meaning to post the “Blacksmith’s” for a while, and will do it tomorrow, unless you particularly want to do it.