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Boys Of The Lough first LP

This recording had a huge impact on those of us in Scotland learning traditional music in the early 1970s. I believe this may have been the first recording of tunes such as “McMahon’s”[aka the “Banshee”]and the “Nine Points Of Roguery”. Great singing from Dick Gaughan, too, the only recording he made with them, unfortunately. A real classic, never released on CD, and quite hard to find on vinyl.

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No CD?!

Is this still not on CD?! Dalmation! This would be a classic if it consisted only of the two songs from Dick Gaughan. Doubly so with the tunes.

It is out on CD now.

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Alternative release

This album together with the second album were released in 1978 as a double album on the continent as “Boys of the Lough - Gaelic Folk Volume 1”. I suspect they were just as influential there as in Scotland. A “Boys of the Lough - Gaelic Folk Volume 2”, was also released but I don’t know it’s contents, anyone out there know ?

“The Nine Points of Roguery”

I’ve found an earlier recording of “The Nine Points Of Roguery” -
[ see comment above ]. Mick Moloney, of “The Johnstons” recorded it in 1969, about 3 years before this recording.

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Track 1..

“The Boys Of The Lough” is followed by 2 versions of “Lord McDonald’s”. “Slanty Gart” is a version played in Shetland.

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