Father’s Of The Newfoundland Fiddle Volume 1

By Rufus Guinchard

  1. Bees & Flowers
  2. Parson’s Pond
    Uncle Harry’s Out Of Shape
  3. Prosper’s
  4. Double Sledder Lad
  5. Sam’s
  6. Suzanna Perry’s Tune
  7. Uncle Manuel Milks The Cow
  8. Out Behind The House
    Up Southern Shore
  9. Four Turn Tune
  10. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  11. Uncle John Peter Payne’s Tune
  12. See How The Farmer Sows His Seed
  13. Sam Sinnick’s Tune
  14. Skipper Lost His Guernsey
  15. Bluebird
    Esau Payne’s Tune
  16. We Are A Set Of Jolly Jolly Lads
  17. Jim Rumbolt’s Tune
  18. Pretty Little Mary
  19. Set Tune #1
  20. Sparrow In The Tree
  21. My Man John
  22. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  23. Leonard Payne’s Tune
  24. Boston Laddie

Three comments

Father’s Of The Newfoundland Fiddle Volume 1

"Featuring classic recordings of legendary Newfoundland fiddler, Rufus Guinchard, with accompaniments by long time musical partner & friend, Kelly Russell." - back of jewel case

This record was passed on to me by my grandparents who hail from Cornerbrook, Newfoundland.

The sound quality isn’t that great on this album, however there are some classic tunes. The fiddle was recorded first (in 1981) by Rufus Guinchard and all sorts of other instruments (bouzouki, guitar, synth, bass, and concertina) were added later in 1995. The early recordings don’t blend well with the studio produced back-up band.

The accompaniment has quite a big cheese factor and uses the same rythms over and over again. I could definately not listen to this album for long periods of time which is a shame because there are some great tunes on here. I’d like to find the original, unaccompanied recording.


From Rufus to Emile

Hey Nathaneal,

I’m originally from Coley’s Point, Newfoundland and now living in the capitol city St. John’s. You say you’re Dad’s from Corner Brook? Perhaps he’s heard of Daniel Payne, a great fiddler/accordion/everthing else who’s also from Corner Brook.
If you like Rufus’ playing, then you should also look into the playing Emile Benoit, the other "Father of the the Newfoundland Fiddle." I just posted his album Vive La Rose.
I will do my best to post as many of their tunes as possible, but you can also try and get your hands on Kelly Russell’s collection of their tunes. Have a read of the comments on Vive La Rose.
Happy to know there’s someone out there who’s aware of the Newfoundland tradition.

For what it’s worth, the original version of most of these tracks (without the backing band) are from Rufus’s album "Step Tunes and Doubles". It was never released on CD, but someone has ripped it and posted most (all?) of it to YouTube. (I vaguely recall that for some of the tracks here the opposite has happened — the tracks that had backing on "Step Tunes and Doubles" appear on this album with the backing stripped and no additional backing added.) I think maybe the rest of the tracks come from Rufus’s track on "Close to the Floor" (where again they are solo fiddle tunes).