Close To The Floor

By Ashley MacIsaac

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  1. The Little House Around The Corner
    Traditional Winston
    The Wandering Minstrel
  2. 74th Highlanders’
    Roderick MacDonald
    Sandy Cameron
    Creignish Hills
    Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart’s
    A Mary MacDonald
  3. Hills Of Lorne
    Sir Archibald Dunbar
    A Dan J. Campbell
    Pat Carney’s
    Mrs. Duff
  4. The New Fiddle
    Scotty’s Favourite
    3 Mile Bridge
  5. Miss Lyall’s
    Miss Lyall’s
    Sandy Cameron’s
    Carigoim Broach
  6. Livingstone Pond
    Long Point
    Trip To Glenora
  7. Lament For Prophet
    Moxham Castle
  8. Miss Elanor Stewart
    Glen Grant
    Miss Robertson
  9. Blue Bonnets Over The Boarder
  10. Irish Lasses
    Aubry Foley’s
  11. Bonnie Anne Anderson
    Believe It Or Not
    Mist Over The Loch

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Liner Notes by Archie Neil Chisholm, 1992:

Ashley MacISaac, the son of Carm and Angus MacISaac, hails from Creignish, Inverness County, on the Island of Cape Breton. Now Being 17 years old, Ashley is attending Judique - Creignish highschool.
Ashley has been exposed to music you might say since he was born. His father Angus frequently played the fiddlearound the house and often with the cape breton fiddlers association. Ashley’s formal playing instruction started at age 9, under the tutelage of Stan Chapman of Antigonish. From Stan, Ashley learned both my ear and by written note.
In addition to his proficiency on the fiddle Ashleyis a very skilled performer on the piano, and has included a selection on this recording of that ability.
Ashley has entertained many people across North America, not only with the violin and piano, but as well with his step dancing ability, so I guess Ashley could certainly be called very versatile. He is called frequently to perform in such places as Toronto, Boston and Windsor. In addition Ashley has played in Memphos, California and has upcoming engagements throughout Canada. As backup, Ashley is accompanied by two ot the most skilled performers of the Cape BReton style of music, to be found anywhere. Joey Beaton, a young businessman of Mabou, has been recognised for quite some time for his uplifting style on the piano. Joey is also a very noteworthy composer of traditional music. David MacIsaac, of Halifax, is extrmemly well known all over North America, for his wizardry on the guitar for all styles of music.
Now put these three performers together and you haveundoubtably one ot the best combos of Cape Breton music available to date, and indeed the music achieved is "Close to the floor"

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