Fire Dance

By Richard Wood

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  1. Reel (Traditional)
    Nine Point Coggie
    Bonnie Kate
    Traditional Irish
  2. Olde Dublin
    Crabbit Shona
  3. My Tune For Darla
  4. My Aine Kind Dearie
    Tommy’s Tarbukas
    Early Dawn
    Stephine Wills
  5. Fire Dance
  6. Hiawatha
    Jimmy Linn’s
    Arthur Seat
  7. Cape Wrath
    Ceilidh At Clickamon
    Flying At Finhorn
  8. Kimura
  9. Fiddle Fever
  10. Cameron Chisholm’s
  11. The Fire Dance

Three comments

Fourth Album…

This is Richard Wood’s fourth album out of East Royalty, Prince Edward Island.

As Richard States on the Liner notes:

"Fire Dance" is a high energy, refereshing release. The melodies consist of my own compositions and those of other outstanding fiddlers. The tunes are predominantly traditional in sound and style, and some cuts blend the sassiness of rock, disco, Irish and blues. For those of us who love and live the music, the time has now come to lift the barriers and acknowledge that the fiddle is now a universal instrument.

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Richard Wood, Fire Dance reel

I was wondering if anyone knew the name of that first reel on the Fire Dance album…? It’s only shown as traditional reel, does it have a name?

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First Reel

I think it’s called Charlie’s Brother.

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