Velvet Arm Golden Hand

By Joseph Cormier And J.P Cormier

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  1. The Tea Garden
    Walker St.
  2. Sir William Wallace
    Mrs. Grant Of Lagan
    The Reconciliation
    Farrell O’Gara’s Favorite
  3. The Chorus
    The Sailor’s Wife
  4. Hiawatha
    Tom’s E-Flat Clog
    The Banks
    The Rae
  5. Tom MacKormack’s
    Malcolm Burke’s
    Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself
  6. Mrs. Beatty Wallace
    The Red Shoes
  7. Corgarff Castle
    An Angus
    Col. MacBane
    Johnny Made A Wedding Of It
    Gin I Had A Bonnie Lass
  8. Killicranchie
    Albert Finlay’s
    Miss Mary MacEachern’s
  9. Bonnie Isabelle Robertson
    John Howette
    Rachel Rae
    The Earl Of Seafield
  10. Live Session - A Set Of Weddin Reels
  11. Master Of Francis Sitwell
    Kin Of Wiltshire
    Lady Walpole
    Memories Of R. Beaton
    The College
  12. Miss Hutton
    The Braes Of Tullymet
    A Howie Tune
    Miss Louisa Duff
    The Reel For Maurice
    Little Donald In The Pigpen
    The Grey Old Lady Of Rassay
  13. The Nameless Lassie
  14. The Marquis Of Tullybardine

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Cape Breton music to the USA…

A tidbit from the liner notes:
Joe Cormier was the first Cape Breton player to ever record Cape Breton Music for an american label (Rounder Records) and has opened the door to all those after tried their hand at selling CP music to the north american masses

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J.P Cormier

Just an added note: J.P Cormier is the Nephew of Joeseph Cormier, not his father.

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Temperance Jig

The tune that is linked to “Temperance” Is temperance reel which is not what’s on the CD. This is one of my favourite CDs and JP is my all time favourite musicians.

Re: Velvet Arm Golden Hand

I just corrected the link to the first track’s “Temperance” by linking it to the correct tune. Thanks for pointing that out, Megs!